October 18, 2021

A Meditation on Altruistic Love

Imagine that a young child comes up to you and gives you a like that is full of joy and innocence. You look at them with tenderness and take them in your arms. You feel a sense of unconditional benevolence and love. You wish the best for their wellbeing. Cultivate and nourish this feeling of loving kindness. When it declines, revive it.

You could then choose someone who you feel a sense of gratitude towards. Wish that this person will find happiness, and extend that wish to all of the people you are close to. Then to people you know less well.

Finally, extend this wish to your personal enemies and "enemies of humanity". In the later case, you are obviously not wishing them any success on their evil plans. You are instead wishing that they will give up their hatred, greed and cruelty and that care for the happiness of others will be borne in their minds.

Inspired by: The Art of Meditation - Matthieu Ricard