September 6, 2021

Kevin Hart on the power of Positivity

"Encouragement - that can come from so many - can add value for those that may need a little push. That may need a little "ay man, pick your chin up". It's so easy to be that positive reinforcement for somebody and add value. It's so easy! But some people choose to throw that aside and kick while you're down.

I try to put out the light of positivity - because whoever is out there - I don't know what it can do for somebody else. Somebody else may just simply look at me and say "the way that he embraces his kids makes me want to be a better father". Or "the way that this man doesn't stop and the way he is positive every day regardless of what's going on makes me realise that this shit ain't so bad". "The way that he gets up and says hey, today's another day, it's a morning, let's all be better than we were yesterday". Somebody probably needed to hear that.
The more that I can give that out and I can take my platform to throw good energy out - I'm doing my part. Because there are so many that throw out the complete opposite. And I don't want to be a part of that.
I hear shit every day. I had a lady who rolled down her window, she goes "When are you gonna make a good movie again?!".
I said, "did you see the upside, I thought the upside was good."
"What's that?"
"It's a movie. It's one of my movies that's out, I think it's a good movie"
"I ain't seen that!"
"Alright ma'am, you have a beautiful day".
There's a lot of shit that I could have said, but I didn't. I get it every day. People ask me:"When are you gonna be funny again?"
I say "I'm trying my best. if it's not working hopefully I do better for you soon". Why would I feed into that energy? Why? For What? It seems to have been working thus far.

Source: Kevin Hart on The Joe Rogan Experience. Full episode here: