July 12, 2021

Look Up!

Making the smallest changes can sometimes have the effect of snapping us out of autopilot and really appreciating the present moment. This is the fifth in a series of posts about mindfulness exercises that you can incorporate into your day.

Take a few minutes to deliberately look upwards a few times a day. Look at the ceiling in rooms, at tall buildings, trees or rooftops. See what new things you notice.

Most of the time, we are only focused on the very narrow slice of the world right in front of our eyes. We are so caught up with what is right in front of us, that we often don't take the time to really look around. I found this out as a child, standing on my grandma's balcony, which overlooked a busy street below. I used to watch people go by for long stretches without being noticed by anyone because no one looked up!

Looking up allows you to break this cycle of focussing only on what's in front of you, change your perspective and really appreciate your surroundings.

"Looking is not equivalent to actually seeing. To see something requires not only vision but attention".

Source: How to Train a Wild Elephant & other adventures in mindfulness