August 30, 2021

Micro Moments

Choose two or three chores or actions you do every day. Things like brushing your teeth, washing your hands, eating, walking, cleaning the house, ironing or washing the dishes. Once you have chosen three of these actions, use them as triggers. When you're doing these actions, simply focus on the task instead of letting your mind run away with different thoughts.

For example, when we are washing our hands we are usually thinking about something else. From now onwards, notice the movement of your hands, feel the texture of the soap and the feeling of the water.

It's important to pick only two or three actions and focus on being mindful of those same actions, every day. Once you've chosen, try to remind yourself every day and try not to change or vary the actions you have chosen too much.

Don't stop or slow down what you are doing as you try to be mindful. The point of this is to integrate mindfulness into everyday life, and if you have to stop to be present, you aren't doing this.

Inspired by: A Monk's Guide to Happiness - Gelong Thubten