March 21, 2021

Start Slowly

For me, the time I meditate is the only point in my day where time moves slowly, and I've come to really appreciate this. But the reason time moves slowly is that sitting still and watching your thoughts is not easy.

So if you're new to meditation, start slowly and try to build up a habit. Start with just ten minutes a day. Ten minutes is a long time to try and sit still with your thoughts, so don't chastise yourself when the mind wanders! Just gently try and bring your focus back to your object of meditation. The aim is to not stop all of these thoughts. Rather, the aim is to watch them as they go by.

Meditation, like many other things, is a skill that needs to be cultivated with deliberate practice. So if you're feeling frustrated that meditating didn't seem to bring you any peace, or that you found it really boring, don't worry, and don't stop there! It's all part of the journey.