March 17, 2021

Walking Meditation

It's not enough just to use these techniques in isolation for a few minutes a day. The goal is to try and integrate some of this awareness and mindfulness into our everyday lives. That's why this walking meditation was of particular interest to me.

Start by walking at a pace that feels natural to you. Focus on your foot lifting up from and hitting the ground. Notice whether your body is shifting from side to side. To keep focus, you can also count your steps up to the count of 10, and then begin again from 1.

After a few minutes, expand your attention to focus on one sense. Start by paying attention to the sounds you can hear around you. Next, focus on your sense of smell. It's important not to force yourself to feel anything at all, just pay attention to your sense of smell and see what you discover. After a while, focus on what you can see around you. Maintain this awareness of everything around you.  

My Own Notes:

I really liked this meditation. Just the physical movement and counting the steps really helped me to try and stay in the moment.